Don’t Cry More than the Bereaved; I’m not Seeking any Elective Position now..

I, Saka Yusuf Ogunleye, the immediate past Commissioner for Works & Infrastructure in Ondo state dissociates myself from a poster circulating online that i will be seeking an election into the House of Reps for Akure North & South federal constituency. This is a higher degree of unhealthy politics from the people who came up with such idea just to discredit me. Who under the sun should think of such dubious scheme now? I don’t even know what my detractors want to achieve with this insipid insinuations . They first came up with the story that I am not an indigenous Akure person nor from Ondo state until they realized that I am an aboriginal Akure person not merely by appelation but more Akure than some of them. I have my roots in Akure North, Akure South and Ifedore LGAs. They are ignorantly unaware that me bearing a Muslim name doesn’t change my lineage. In another gloomy campaign, they went around with the story that I am a betrayer, that i betrayed people whom I have associated with in the past. They went and circulated series of record accusing me of being a betrayer, even calling on Mr Governor not to trust me with his campaign and support for his re-election. They didn’t stop at this, they went out a step further with online story of Saka building a mansion at a location in Akure, showing a non-existent edifice as my new house. As God would have it, they later realized they were misled. Their disappointment knew no bound as Mr Governor committed a gargantua roles into our hand and we played such leading roles effectively in respect of Aketi Continuity Mandate Group in the state. These agent of destruction who God have exposed and destroyed already took another unhealthy route further, they went to my ward and unit during the LG election, spent so much money, enlisted PDP members and few misguided party members to cause havoc in my ward to discredit me by supporting opposition party, but God took control.
The same people they used against me then are with me now. They almost succeeded, but God failed them. They sent out text messages and used people by proxy to set me against some of my political leaders and admirers with defamation and name calling just to sow seed of discord between us. God was merciful even with the thugs they brought to openly attack me, the mercy of God took control.

Now, they resorted to another style and method spending time, energy and resources promoting me for House of Reps position. For the avoidance of any doubt, I’m contented with what God has done for me as a former cabinet member in Governor Akerdolu’s first term in office and I keep faith with God for my future endeavours. I take no regard or appreciate it when intruders, agent of failure and failed politicians speak for me.

I asked; why are they crying more than the bereaved? Let me appeal and advise them that they shouldn’t cry more than the bereaved . I’m not seeking for elective position now and neither do I have interest in contesting for the position of the House of Representatives. I am not the type who will go to Abuja with sport wears as indicated in their online posters. My zest remains clear; to provide support and leadership to people who show interest and undaunted loyalty to our party. I am not a lone politician, I move in the company of great party and political leaders too, whose directives I follow. Any candidate of the party becomes my candidate.
And at appropriate time, I will speak on my relationship with leaders who I have associated with in the past. But before that, a brief look at their antecedent will convince many who don’t know them.
They have said much about me betraying Mr A or B. Those who associated and worked with them before are still much around and I believe attesting to their characters speaks volumes. I will not allow blind loyalty to push me to join people to do evil or engage in a civilian palace coup. I’m a team player. I leave that for future explanations.

However, I must reiterate once again that I’m not seeking for any elective position now, not to talk of the position of MHR. I thank those who designed such poster and circulated it that they are well-done in vain. May God continually grant you the ability to waste your time and life, and even get pained more and more because of me. I have solace and always take succour in the word of God; “The Lord is my light and my salvation, of whom shall I fear… Even when my enemies came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell yakata. “

✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼Saka Yusuf Ogunleye writes from Oba-Ile

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