Only Criminals will Disobey anti Open Grazing Law, SNF replies Miyetti Allah, warns against attack on Ortom.

The Southern Nigeria Frontier SNF, received with amazement, a statement credited to the infamous Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, where it described the anti-grazing law being promulgated across the Southern States of Nigeria as ‘Satanic’ with a threat that cattle breeders in the country will not obey the law, as the deadline approaches, across the states of the Southern Nigeria. This group of cattle rearer also went further to threaten the incumbent Governor of Benue State, Governor Samuel Ortom of arrest, with the use of its militias wing, at the expiration of his tenure of office.

While it is not strange, for the Miyetti Allah gang to make this manner of unguided statements, we are worried that the group is taking its penchant for lawlessness, to a level that suggest that its operatives are seriously under the influence of hard substances.

For the purpose of enlightenment of these primitive animal rearers, the promulgation of the Anti-grazing law across our states in Southern Nigeria is for the protection of our people within the Southern Nigeria, who have become victims of the recklessness, violence and killings that have characterised the activities of the cattle rearers across several states of the country.

We strongly believe, that the opposition to the establishment of the Anti-grazing law by our states, is only coming from individuals and groups like Miyetti Allah, who are criminally minded and are hellbent on troubling the people of Southern Nigeria.

Except in the imagination of Miyetti Allah and its operatives, there is no hidden motive behind the Anti-grazing law, other than securing the lives and property, of our people.

Does the Miyetti Allah now control a legitimate force in the country, empowered enough to effect arrest, including that of a State Governor in Nigeria? For a fact, Cow rearers threatening an incumbent Governor is nothing, but overreaching.

If Miyetti Allah think any inch of our land will be ceded for its occupation forcefully, then it should well prepare for the consequences of disobedience to legitimate laws in our states. If we would ever be conquered in our land, definitely, such will not be by those, we should ordinarily employ on our ranches.

Rather than regulate the activities of its members, who keeps invading our villages, raping our women and killing people, Miyetti Allah think what matters is the threat of war and disobedience to our laws. We will never allow that.

If Miyetti Allah continue to see the law aimed at the protection of our lives as ‘satanic’, we are definitely in a wrong and impossible country and we will enforce our laws without any iota of fear.

On its threat against the political aspiration of southern political leaders, we are not bothered, as we remained irrevocably committed to ensuring that the Southern Nigeria, produce Nigeria’s next President, come 2023.

Finally, we wish to remind the federal government, that such threats by these gang of cow rearers including the threat on the life of a State Governor, will not be taken for granted and must be investigated without further delay, irrespective of the arrogant claim by Miyetti Allah, that it controls the Presidency and the United Nations UN.


Olufemi Lawson

Spokesman, SNF

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