Barrister Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu: The Candidate with a vision for a Sustainable Future

The pursuit of good governance in Nigeria should focus on encouraging trustworthy and competent electoral candidates, our political settings will progress and develop more when we let go of the strings of sentiments and bring to the fore, intelligent, proactive and vision oriented individuals who are committed to serving the public interest.    

The simple but highly important task of advancing humanity can and will only be done by men as the heavens will not open to give ways to extra-terrestrial being to do this for us, right amongst us, we have men who are capable and worthy, men who has given themselves to a selfless pursuit of the greater good of all.  These are men who at every given opportunity has learned to add value to themselves, making themselves fit and suitable to be used as a tool for societal transformation and growth.

Barrister Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu ranks tall amongst the league of the aforementioned, their kinds not too common, while many has come forth to express their desire to contest the Akure North/South Federal constituency, he comes with the passion to serve, he comes with an air of assurance, one which speaks confidence that he is a man who truly knows his onions, one with the courage to pursue and deliver.

His plan for the federal constituency is simple and clear, and this is to bring quality representation and an all-inclusive representation to the people, he strongly holds politics should be a tool to protecting and serving the people to the best of his abilities        

From the onset, he has continued to show his readiness and commitment to the task of leading the federal constituency to a whole new greater height, he exhibits a clear vision of what he wants to do and of the leadership strategy for maintaining unity and common purpose if elected.

Akure North/South Federal Constituency has been considered by many to be a leading force amongst other constituencies in the state, this is because it possesses huge potential which is properly harnessed will duly transform the federal constituency, bring out the very best in its people, with Barrister Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu, the federal constituency no doubt will receive the much needed leadership baseline and direction which it requires to thrive, through his  mush desired management skills, the federal constituency will be further opened for more development.

He seeks to contest the seat of the Akure North/South Federal Constituency on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) a party which he holds dear to his heart, one which he believes stands a better chance to capture the heart and mandate of the people, given their grassroots strength and acceptability among the people.

Barr. Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu is not intimidated by the large numbers of people who has already expressed their readiness to contest the position and this is because he believes that the people of Akure North/South Federal Constituency are more politically conscious than before, he believes that they have come to understand the need for a quality representation, hence they are ready to give their mandate to a candidate with the much needed qualities to advance their federal Constituency.

Also coming more to the advantage of Barr. Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu, it’s the impeccable personality which he has built over the years, one which is devoid of any scandal, he remains a community man who has always identified with his people at all times, he is a grassroot mobilizer, a proactive politician who is always ready to go the extra mile for his people.

Akure North/South Federal Constituency stands a better shot at greatness with him, he is no push over, he understands the complexity of the assignment, he is ready to serve the will of the people. The people will once again enjoy the real dividends of democracy, one which they have always longed for over the years. 

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