Fatai Adams Sets Out At Dawn On Reconciliatory Efforts

Fatai Adams Sets Out At Dawn On Reconciliatory Efforts

The Ondo State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Fatai Adams is determined to position his party for victory in the October 10, 2020 governorship election in the Sunshine State. He has set our early at dawn to do all that are necessary to ensure that PDP will form the next government in Ondo State.

It must be admitted that Fatai Adams came into office at a time that is pretty crucial. He became the State Chairman of the PDP with less than two months to a major and all important election. Adams also became the state party chairman at a time when a keenly contested primary election of the party was held with attendant divisions amongst certain PDP members that felt dissatisfied with the outcome of the election.

Despite all the seeming mountainous challenges confronting the PDP, Fatai Adams is an experienced and intelligent politician who knows his onions when it comes resolving disputes amongst party members. The overwhelming victory recorded by Adams during the party congress that was held on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 was a pointer to the fact that he is truly loved by a vest majority of his party members.

Notwithstanding all the distraction that are cropping up within the party, Fatai Adams has been quietly embarking on house cleaning and party reorganization as the party is clearly positioned for victory at the polls. It is particularly worthy of note that Fatai Adams has been moving from one party member to another and from one corner of Ondo State to another in his committed bid to achieve the much needed reconciliation within the fold of PDP.

The humility of Fatai Adams is another factor that is working for the very calculative politician. Also working for him are his organizational and administrative abilities. He is reputed as the engine room of the PDP for the eight years he served as the Deputy State Chairman of the party. He had also garnered some useful experience as a former member of Ondo State House of Assembly.

Impressively, the graduate of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta is imbued with academic, political and administrative potentials needed to propel PDP to victory in the governorship election of October 10, 2020. The fact that he has a formidable team to readily complement his efforts is another major plus for him. The team that is headed by Fatai Adams is often described by some faithful members of PDP as a “Digital Team”.

The State Executive that is headed by Alhaji Fatai Adams is a blend of politicians and technocrats as well of the young and the old. The team is comprised of men and women that have proven their mettle in their areas of chosen careers. It is more gratifying that the fantastic team headed by Fatai Adams has personalities that had serve Ondo State in capacities of former commissioners, members of national and state assemblies. Without doubt, Adams could not have wished for a better team to help actualize the dream of making PDP to form the next government in Ondo State.

For those that know Fatai Adams so well, they are prepared to take a bet that his current level of work as well as his love and commitment towards the PDP will eventually pay off. Despite the widespread love and acceptability of Fatai Adams and his team, the man is not resting on his oars in his determination to ensure that PDP forms the next government in Ondo State.

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